Blue Man Group


What if Those Painted Blue Entertainers Known as "Blue Man Group" Could Resolve Turmoil Around the World?

It would be great it, between playing sold-out venues from Las Vegas to New York City, to Orlando to basically every major market in the U.S., including their home of Briar Street Theater in Chicago, the Blue Man Group could deploy to Ukraine and Syria. It’s quite apparent the other Blue Man Group has their hands full and then some with all the strife and turmoil constantly going on overseas.

At the very least, maybe everybody could take scheduled breaks with increasing frequency to laugh and enjoy themselves rather than spending their time fighting over land, religion and the host of other topics on which they fundamentally disagree and are avowed to protect and often promote to all in their reach. In some countries you can actually be executed for apostasy as perceived by the majority and enforced by the law. Even if only as a distraction, how about sending a trio of talented blue men to make drums of various plumbing fixtures and other household items. Perhaps recruit folks from each region to shave their heads and don the blue hue in the name of areligious entertainment and with it peace, at least of the temporary kind. Initially. Then all we have to do is gradually add shows until there just isn’t any more time or energy for persecution and war. It could totally work.